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Built up snow on a roof can be a hazard for your property. At CSRS we provide quality Calgary roof snow removal services.

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Built up snow on a property’s roof can be a serious hazard!

Snow naturally builds up on your roof over the winter season. However if you have a situation where snow is not sluffing off of your roof over time this could be a hazard to your property users. This includes built up snow, and icicles. Just imagine a patron of your building, or a guest to your home, walks through the front door and is greeted by a cascade of snow and ice from above! Not to mention, accumulated snow and ice can lead to serious drainage issues, and even ingress of moisture from the roof into your building. It’s best to take immediate action, and get the services of a Calgary roof snow remover. When removing snow from a roof it’s important that your service provider brings the right tools and ladders, and understands safe procedures to access even the most cumbersome of roofs. Don’t risk it, if you see an excess of built up snow or ice on your roof, it’s best for your building patrons to get this cleared.

Safe and Reliable Calgary Roof Snow Removal – Pricing

Snow removal off of a roof is no light task. Most Calgary roof snow removal contractors work in teams to ensure our crew’s safety for this specialized snow removal task. When removing snow from a roof, it’s important to consider the trajectory of the snow once it’s set free. You wouldn’t want to be positioned underneath the snow once it starts to come down!

It’s generally not necessary to remove all of the snow from your roof. When you call us out for a quote or assessment, we’ll review the situation, and determine the best course of action. Every home or property is a little different. We avoid the usage of harsh chemicals and sharp tools. We know asphalt shingle roof repair or replacement is not cheap! Careless roof snow removal can result in damage to your roof structure. 

While clearing snow off your roof, your service provider will be sure to make comment on the reason you might be having this problem. Whether it be ice damming, improper roof slopes, or just an odd occurrence. No matter the reason, rest assured you’ll have short term solution when you call a team out to take on the problem at hand. Give us a call for a free quote.

Ice Dam Clearing

An ice dam can form at the edge of your roof and prevent melting snow from draining off of your roof. This more so the case for typical sloped roofs as is typical in Calgary. If you have this problem, it’s likely you have a building envelope problem, particularly near the soffit / roof overhang. Uneven roof surface temperatures generally lead to ice dams. Ice dams can lead to growth of mold or mildew, which obviously can have negative effects on your health. The immediate controls to ice dams involve removing snow from the roof. This can eliminate the necessary build up of snow for the formation of an ice dam. To clear this some use a roof rake, push broom, or physically remove the snow by getting up on the roof! A quality snow removal contractor will work to ensure your roofing materials are not damaged. If you let snow build up, your roof’s structural stability may be compromised. Typical roofs are designed to sluff snow off, as accumulation occurs over snowfall events. But if snow is allowed to build up due to ice damming over the prescribed structural snow load of your roof, this could result in costly repairs, and even catastrophic roof failure. If ice damming is a recurring problem, we recommend you hire a contractor versed in energy looks to inspect your attic, roof and building envelope system.

Gutter and Downspout Clearing

While up there and weather permitting, it’s always a good idea to keep gutters and drains clear and free of ice and snow. A good gutter clearing can help out for those pesky chinooks we see in Calgary. Not to mention, a properly free and draining gutter system can prevent the accumulation and build up of icicles. No one likes walking out their front door only to be greeted by falling icicles!