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Calgary Commercial Snow Removal Services


Your business relies on people. People these days, especially in Calgary, rely on their vehicle for transportation. That’s not going to change anytime soon, and as long as that’s the case, you’ll need to keep your business, office building, or property clear of snow and ice build up. Maintaining a clear parking lot is part of the picture. But where to pile up all that snow? Leave the details to us. Rest assured when you secure commercial snow removal services through CSRS you’re getting reliable, prompt, and quality snow removal services. Everyday we’re working hard, through Calgary’s cold winters, to be one of the best commercial snow removal companies Calgary has to offer. We take our work seriously, just as seriously you take in managing your business, property, and office spaces.

Lot Clearing

Clearing a parking lot of snow is not always such a simple task. Sometimes it’s necessary to create a blueprint to plan the snow removal, and remove the likelihood of property damage. Uneven surface changes caused by speed bumps, curbs, sidewalks, cracked pavements can all create unique problems when it comes to snow removal. Relying on a trusted commercial snow removal contractor will help to ensure your lot is cleared of snow, but also so that the subsurface structures are not damaged. We pile snow in areas that leave room for vehicular eye of sight, navigation, and access to and from the parking lot. Poorly executed windrows or snow piles can create unwanted hazards for all occupants of your building. This is especially important with Calgary’s varying temperatures, to ensure snow melt is taken care of accordingly and drainage routes are taken into consideration. We also are careful to work around parking lot outlets/plugs, signage, light posts, or other architectural or landscape features that make your property unique. We understand the pride of ownership and operation of a business, and hold ourselves to the same standard that you hold yourself to in your day to day operations, just in our case, we’re taking care clearing your parking lot of snow! Ready to be snow free this season? Call us to request a formal quote.

Pathway Clearing

Your pathways are some of the most high traffic areas for your business. We tackle areas like sidewalks, crosswalks, entrance ways, and handicap stalls with the utmost detail. Cars are allot more resilient than people, so the level of detail for snow removal in the lot as compared to pathway is reduced. We take more time with your pathways, and even break out the shovels as needed! Sometimes we’ll use a snow blower, other times we’ll hit the pathway with a bobcat, whatever works best to the unique construction of your property’s pathways and walkways. It’s not rocket science, but we work hard to ensure there is no damage to your asphalt or concrete surfaces or features. All to ensure your staff, visitors, clients, and employees get a pleasant experience coming to and from your building entrances. Depending on the drainage routes of your property we’ll apply de-icing chemicals or salts to further improve the safety of your pathways.


De-icing Maintenance

Keeping your walking surfaces clear of snow is one thing, and just as important, is ensuring they are clear of ice. A safe walking surface is an ice free surface. Ensuring your employees and visitors get through high moisture accumulation areas without taking a spill is our priority and responsibility. We purchase and apply the most applicable and safe chemical de-ciing agent available. No matter, the product, they all essentially accomplish the same goal, to mel snow and ice instantly upon contact. Applying de-icers prior to snowfalls or storms effectively creates a protectrive barrier to prevent snow and ice from binding to asphalt pavement and concrete. Within minutes, ice can be reduced to a liquidy slush! From rock salt, ice melt, or liquid de-icer, we’ll work with you and your property management staff to ensure an appropriate cost effective de-icing product is applied to the right areas all season long.

Calgary Commercial Snow Removal Pricing


Typically commercial snow removal is contracted out through seasonal contracts or monthly contracts. We’re no different, and are flexible to incporate the details of your quotation pertaining directly to your property’s requirements.

one time snow removal

One-off Commercial Snow Removal

Maybe your Calgary commercial snow removal contractor didn’t show up? Maybe you’re just interested in the quality of our services. Maybe you usually self perform your commercial snow removal, but need to divert resources elsewhere. No matter the case, we’ve got you covered, call today for a one-off on demand Calgary commercial snow removal quote.

one time snow removal

Scheduled Maintenance

Give us a call today to discuss scheduled snow removal maintenance plans and pricing. Calgary commercial snow clearing maintenance plans can be custom tailored to you and your property’s requirements. Scheduled snow clearing is generally most affordable. Whether it be a seasonal plan, or a monthly plan, we’re flexible, and ready to serve your needs.

one time snow removal

Emergency Snow Removal

You just never know what’s going to happen in Calgary with the weather! It’s possible you’ll encounter a snowfall prior to even securing a commercial snow removal contractor this winter. Don’t let the weather get you down. Call us to secure emergency commercial snow removal services it your time of need.